Sanctuary, Support, and Accompaniment for Immigrant Justice

Several of us were able to attend the Interfaith Vigil for Immigrant Justice in Manchester, NH on September 5th. Hundreds turned out from all over. Please pray for undocumented immigrants and their deep fear about being deported and separated from loved ones.

These are very difficult times for our neighbors who face the growing threat of deportation from their homes. The United Valley Interfaith Project  (UVIP) is urging all faith communities to discern how we can make an offering of our many capabilities to stand in solidarity with our immigrant brothers and sisters.

Many members of UVIP have been gathering in Manchester on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Norris Cotton Federal Building to provide support, prayer and witness as immigrants come for their required check in with I.C.E.

At the August 1st check-in appointment, 27 Indonesian immigrants were told to come back in September with one-way plane tickets proving that they will leave the U.S. in November. Three Latino immigrants and one Indonesian were held and detained for deportation on the spot. What we have feared has become real, awful and urgent; emphasizing our need to act now.

What can we do? As a UVIP Member Group, which has expressed energy for immigrant justice work, there are many ways — large and small — that we all can help.  We can…

  • Attend any of the upcoming ICE Prayer Vigils in Manchester, NH on September 11 or 19
  • Offer financial, spiritual or other support to a family whose breadwinner has been deported.
  • Raise funds for legal fees or plane tickets.
  • Write letters, sign petitions, and use the power of the pen in other ways

The bottom line is that we cannot allow this to happen right before our very eyes without supporting our immigrant sisters and brothers in some way.

There is also a small Immigrant Justice Core Team which needs to be made bigger by including at least one person from each member group which has expressed interest and energy for engaging in the Immigrant Justice work that UVIP and others in NH and VT are ramping up to do. Paul Manganiello has agreed to be our point person with Lars Johanson as a back up.  We can always use more people.

Please contact Gisela Jones or Rosemary Affeldt or the church office if you are interested in getting involved or just learning more about these efforts.

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