Reformation 500 Anniversary Events

Here are some of the ways we have celebrated so far and events still to come.  Join us as we celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.

Past Events
Read about the Martin Luther and the Reformation,
• Gathered on October 8th for a lively discussion on Art and the Reformation,
• We’re brewing beer (read about the beers of Martin Luther),
•  Some Attended the Fall gathering of Women of the ELCA , October 14th
•  Discussed Music and the Reformation, Sunday, October 15th, with Professor  Steve Swayne.

Still to Come

•  Bake Bread with Us! We’ll be baking bread at King Arthur Flour on October 24th at at church on October 28th.

•  We’ll enjoy the fruits of our brewing and baking on October 29th, Reformation Sunday,  as part of a Potluck Luncheon and Celebration.  Contact Jan Hall or the church office to let us know what you’ll bring – or just come – we’ll be sure to have room for you at the table! 

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