Watchword Sunday, December 29, 2020

O that today you would listen to God’s voice!
Do not harden your hearts.             Psalm 95:7-8

There is a wonderful tradition here at Our Savior Lutheran Church.  The Sunday after Christmas is called “Watchword” Sunday.  During the service, a basket is passed with many Moravian Watchword verses for each to pick.  Once everyone has a watchword, anyone is welcome to stand up, read their verse and then share first impressions.  The sharing is holy and profound and we feel God’s Spirit among us. Many are moved to write reflections on their Watchwords and for the past several years we have combined these into a Lenten devotional for the OSLC community. Whether you feel moved to write a Lenten devotion or not, we hope you will choose a Watchword and reflect what the scripture verse means.  If you do feel moved to write a reflection for our Lenten devotional, sign up on Sunday or contact the office.

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