OSLC Creation Care Team Created!

After Jim Antal’s book reading, several OSLC members have continued to meet and talk about how we as a church might want to respond to the current situation we find ourselves: the environmental and societal (economic/racial) injustice associated with global warming. How can we as individuals and a church body respond to this crisis?  The group invites you to join the conversation. Contact the office for the link to the next Zoom discussion.

In the Creation Story of Genesis, after God called forth earth and sky, flora and fauna, God created humans and asked them to care for all forms of life. As God’s family, we are to be stewards of God’s creation. The future of Earth is in our hands.

As stewards of God’s creation, we have a responsibility to our neighbors. In Luke Chapter 10, we are asked: “Who is our neighbor?” In the context of the on-going climate crisis, our neighbors include not only our children and grandchildren, but also the entire global population, all future generations, all creatures, and vegetation. Our generation has a responsibility to take steps now that will have a positive effect far beyond the present moment. 

The life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus the Christ, reconciles us to God, to one another, and to all of God’s Creation. We hold and live the hope that it is possible to have a new kind of world, a world infused with God’s life-giving Spirit, where creation is appreciated, respected, and protected, so that all life is nurtured. God entrusts us, people of Our Savior Lutheran Church and Campus Ministry, to be God’s hands for protecting and restoring God’s Creation.

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