Book Discussion: Everyday Spirituality

Looking Ahead to Our Book Group Discussions

Our book discussion group will be meeting over Zoom every other Tuesday to discuss a new book, “Everyday Spirituality” written by New England Synod Bishop James Hazelwood.   “Everyday Spirituality” is exactly what the title says – an invitation to honor ordinary experiences as holy ground.  We don’t have to go on a retreat or sign up for spirituality lessons – we can stay where we are and sense divine presence in what we do each day.  Bishop Hazelwood weaves together insights from scripture and theology with his own experiences and the stories he has received from others.  He writes with the heart of a pastor and a mystic.  

Please contact Paul Manganiello or the church office with any questions and for Zoom information.

If you would like a copy of Everyday Spirituality, you can order the book through a local bookstore, an online vendor such as Amazon or Target, or through the NE Synod by contacting Martha Whyte at the New England Synod. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Synod’s Jubilee 2020 Fund and the Fund for Leaders to help eliminate seminarian debt. 

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