Bread for the World Offering of Letters

As people of faith, we know that we are called to care for one another. We are called to speak out for all those in need, especially our children. What is critically needed now is our unified voice assuring that people receive the help they desperately need now. By participating in this year’s Bread for the World (BFW) Offering of Letters you will make a difference, not just to Bread for the World, but to those who experience hunger and poverty. 

Below is a brief video from Bread for the World on the importance of the Offering of Letters

Our Bread for the World Offering of Letters organizer Paul Manganiello has gathered three fact sheets if you are interested in more information:

  1. Expanding the Child Tax Credit to Reduce Child Hunger
  2. Global Hunger in a Time of COVID-19
  3. A Food System: Farm to Fork and Its Challenges

Hungry for more? BFW provides this sermon by the Rev. Eugene Cho; he speaks about the three things we can learn from John 6: 1-9, shows how food is woven throughout scripture, and gives you three reasons why the Offering of Letters and your advocacy matters.

Then put your faith in action by emailing and sending your letters online to your Representative and both Senators with a single form. It’s easy! You can find the form to help you email you letters here.

After you’ve sent your letter, be sure to let Paul or Wendy Manganiello know so they can notify BFW how many members of the congregation took part in the Offering of Letters. [Please email the church office if you don’t have Paul or Wendy’s email addresses.]

Quick Tips for an Effective Letter:

Remember to personalize your letters.

  • Make it personal. Share your experience and what motivated you to write.

Some relevant talking points to personalize:

  • Reducing malnutrition, especially for children, has become even more urgent as we struggle against COVID-19; malnutrition makes children and at-risk populations more susceptible to disease, including COVID-19.
  • For millions of people living in households that struggle with hunger in the United States, COVID-19 presents unique challenges. It is clear that private individuals and organizations cannot mobilize the resources the U.S. government can to support those at risk of hunger during this crisis. In fact, federal nutrition programs provide roughly 10 times as much food assistance as private churches and charities.
  • I wish to thank Congress for its expansion of the child tax credit in the last stimulus bill.  The child tax credit has always left out the families with the greatest need and this legislation will do more to cut child poverty than any other policy, especially in Black and Latino low-income families who have less cash reserves than their white counterparts.
  • I remain concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on all Americans, especially the most vulnerable who are likely to be hit hardest. I am also concerned about the impact of the pandemic on people living in developing countries. I urge you to consider their needs in future legislation, especially by investing in global nutrition through the appropriations process.
  • It is critical that Congress expand support to those who are most affected by the health and economic effects of the virus and ensure that all families receive the support they need – including access to good nutrition.
  • The importance of good nutrition in maintaining community health cannot be overstated.
  • COVID-19 directly connects all people together and neglecting those who struggle with hunger threatens us all.

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  1. Susan and Pastor, great work!!! You made it seamless!!! Be well, talk to you soon!!!



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