Hope for the Holidays

Here is a wonderful opportunity to involve children (and even adults!) in helping others.  Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS) offers a program called “Hope for the Holidays.”  The goal is to bring hope and light to thousands of immigrants in the US.  It is quite easy!  Make homemade cards to be distributed at migrant detention centers across the country and at shelters along the border, reminding individuals and families that they are not forgotten during the holiday season. The steps are simple and the deadline for mailing is December 3.

Step 1:
You can make a card and write messages of hope and encouragement in English or Spanish.  Draw a picture or share a favorite poem, quote or Bible verse to personalize the card.  Sign the card with your first name and city/state.  DO NOT put cards in individual envelopes.

Step 2
Place all the cards you have made in a larger envelope and add a note that these cards are from Our Savior Lutheran Church, Hanover, NH 03755.

Step 3
Mail this larger envelope to
First English Lutheran Church
3807 N Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland  21218

If you would like more info, you can watch this webinar.
If you have questions, contact the church office or Wendy Manganiello.

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