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Dear friend-

On January 20, 2022, the Upper Valley Chapter of Granite State Organizing Project invited Andrew Winter, Director of Twin Pines Housing, to provide an update on The St. Paul’s Redevelopment Project that aims to build new housing for the chronically homeless and to expand the emergency housing program of the Haven. This project emerged from the discernment of the St. Paul’s congregation to deepen their connection to The Haven’s mission to serve the unhoused and to provide funds for energy modernization of their church building. St. Paul’s has secured the support of the Episcopalian diocese and welcomes the support of GSOP.

The project is entering its permitting stages with the town of Hartford and it is very important to build a wide understanding of and support for the project.  Upper Valley GSOP has resolved to help.  

The first step is to quickly inform ourselves, which includes attending meetings and listening to the pros and cons of this effort.  A link to the Valley News article and a more detailed summary of Andrew’s remarks are attached. The next step is to inform and engage our faith-group members who are Hartford residents to attend the public meetings, which begin Feb. 14.  Non-residents can attend too, but Hartford voices from its 5 unincorporated villages are central. Together with Hartford residents, we can write letters of support for the project, both letters to the editor and to the select board. 

Contact info:

Address for members of the planning commission: 171 Bridge Street, White River Junction, VT 05001 .

Call 802-295-3075 to leave a message.


We see this as a first and immediate effort to help develop more housing in our area, in the knowledge that secure housing is basic to all forms of well-being. 


  • More on the projects by the Haven and Twin Pines here.
  • A summary of the project from St. Paul’s.
  • A report from guest speaker Andrew Winter, Executive Director of Twin Pines can be accessed here

I would like to acknowledge Kathleen, who captured the summary of this conversation and most of the information

  in this communication.


Viola Katusiime

Granite State Organizing Project


Office: 603-668-8250

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