ELCA Social Statement on Government, Civic Engagement, the Relationship of Church and State and Related Matters

What is important to you when you think about government? What about how the church and the state relate to each other?

A task force is at work on a new social statement about civics and faith, and it wants to hear from you. This social statement was requested by the 2019 ELCA Churchwide Assembly. A key piece of this process is hearing from ELCA members about their priorities and perspectives.

Social statements establish the basis for the ELCA’s public voice and policy decisions. They also serve as a teaching tool to help people discern and discuss their views on an issue.

This month you can connect directly with the task force to let them know what’s important to you!

Join members of the ELCA social statement task force for an ELCA-wide virtual listening event. The event will introduce what social statements are and how they’re developed. Then, participants will have a chance to share with task force members directly in breakout groups. The main questions will be: What themes, ideas or topics do you think the task force needs to talk about or consider for the social statement?What is important for the task force to consider in creating an effective social statement? There are two opportunities to participate:

Tuesday, May 24, 7-8:15 p.m. Central time
Wednesday, May 25, 7-8:15 p.m. Central time


To learn more about the social statement process, visit elca.org/civicsandfaith. For more on our preexisting social statements and study materials, including a new study guide on Faith, Sexism, and Justice: A Call to Action, visit elca.org/socialstatements.

If you have any questions, email civicsandfaith@elca.org.

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