Watershed Stewardship Workshop, Sunday, September 11, 2022

Caring for water orients us in a new and deep way to our spiritual, social, cultural, and ecological community, while also positioning us to develop supportive ties to others in the area to foster watershed health.  When we care for our local watershed, we potentially promote awareness and action to ameliorate worldwide water justice issues, including those compounded by climate change and poverty. The two-hour workshop will include a description of watersheds, water rituals, information about local collaboration, and reflection on the meaning of “living water.”  

All (no faith, or any faith) are welcome.

The Rev. Dr. Nancy Wright is a pastor, community organizer and spiritual director.  She organized the congregation she served previously, Ascension Lutheran Church, South Burlington, VT into a watershed stewardship congregation, publishing a Watershed Stewardship Manual (www.vtipl.org/resources). She has published articles on water, environmental justice, and spirituality. She is coordinator of the New England Synod’s Green Team.

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