Bob WohlfortBob Wohlfort, Transitional Pastor:   Bob and his wife Doris moved to the greater Hanover area in October of 2013.  There were many attractive aspects of our settling here.  One of the main lures was Our Savior Lutheran Church.

Pastor Bob first became acquainted with OSLC when he attended Christmas Eve services here in 2006 while visiting family nearby.  Arriving early, he selected his place in the rear of the sanctuary, sitting quietly while taking in the simple beauty of the worship space.  He immediately felt at home – with the people; the richness of our worship; with our ministries.  Pastor Bob notes, “there is a quiet Spirit that is palpable.  There is joyous aliveness and creativity when we gather to worship our Lord. There is friendliness that is genuinely warm, inviting and embracing.”

He grew up in Yonkers, New York, close to the Bronx border, and attended Yonkers public schools, was baptized, confirmed, married and ordained in the Lutheran church.  Following seminary, Pr. Bob secured a Doctor of Theology degree in pastoral counseling and psychology of religion at The Claremont School of Theology.  This led to a 40-year ministry of pastoral counseling in a number of settings in Washington, DC…all of them interfaith and ecumenical.  For 25 of those years he was part of a large center that was regard as a Noah’s Ark of therapists: straight and gay; women and men; clergy and laypersons; rabbis, Franciscans, Unitarians, the full range of Christian denominations. The closing 15 years of that ministry was dedicated to couples’ therapy and weekend couples workshops.

We are delighted to welcome Bob into the role as our Transitional Pastor.

 Susan FerraroSusan Ferraro, Parish Administrator:  Susan began serving in the church office in 2008.  In her free time, Susan enjoys spending time with her family, baking, knitting, and hiking.

CassandraCassandra Hamel, Nursery Care Attendant.  We’re delighted to have Cassandra Hamel serving in our nursery.  In addition to serving at the church,  she works at a local child care center.  She has taken CPR, First Aid training, and Safe Church training.  She is also enrolled at Community College of Vermont studying Early Childhood Education.