This page has a collection of resources for your faith formation and spiritual life during this time when we will abstain from gathering in person. Check back here often, as these resources will be constantly updated. Also, be sure to follow us on our Facebook Page and ask to join our Facebook Group for more resources and updates!

Virtual Worship(Bulletins Here!)

We worship together in real time on Sundays at 9:30 on our Facebook page.

Music – Please sing along, pray along, or listen along

Virtual Office Hours – Join Pastor (and maybe some others) on Zoom (a video conferencing platform) for virtual office hours on Tuesdays at noon to check in, pray, and say “hi.” Please note, Pastor is certainly available outside of these hours! All ages welcome.

Short Messages, Updates, Saying “Hi”

Great Ideas

Past Virtual Worship Experiences- (Bulletins Here!)

Ways to ServeDuring this time of social distancing, we are not ceasing to be the church! We continue to live out our lives as disciples.

  • Pray! Prayer is a powerful way to connect with God and to ask for God’s guidance, support, presence, accompaniment, and wisdom as we all live through this together.
  • Check in! Pick up the phone. Type an email. Write a card. Stay connected to your community, even if staying connected looks a bit different. I invite you to reach out especially to those who might be lonely or who may be vulnerable in any way. This is truly a Christian act of charity and a way we can maintain community and support.
  • Sign up to provide assistance obtaining critical supplies, such as food or medications, to those who are self-isolating. Fill out this form, and Pastor Kyle will be in touch.

Online Ministries – Pastor has a little curated list from over the years that he loves to offer as resources.

  • Pray As You Go – This is an online ministry of the Jesuits in Britain that offers a daily prayer/meditation/music/scripture.