2016-06-26 Cana Hall Conversation attendees.jpgCana Hall Conversations:  In our Cana Hall Conversations,we learn from one another and others about issues that are important, sometimes controversial, sometimes challenging, and often inspiring. We’ve learned about Christian nonviolence, the Israeli-Palestinian situation, Pilgrimages, hunger and food production and distribution, Jewish biblical interpretation, domestic violence, homelessness, and more. Some have been approached as a series, while others stand on their own. These adult education opportunities are usually scheduled after church on Sundays following the Fellowship Hour. Occasionally these forums are also offered in the evening. On average, we offer an adult education event at least once a month.

Our Savior Lutheran Church-2692Book Study:  During the 9:15-10:15 a.m. Sunday Education Hour, a study group meets to discuss a current book they all covenant to read over the course of 4-6 weeks. This has been an excellent source of ongoing education in the faith for many in the congregation; some attend every session and others choose to attend based on the book being discussed.

Our Savior Lutheran Church-0616Bible Study:  At least once a year, a Bible Study series is offered, usually twice each week at mid-day and in the evening to accommodate a variety of schedules. Topics have included The Apostle Paul: His Writings and His World; Stations of the Resurrection; The Jacob/Esau Cycle; The Joseph Novella; and Manna and Mercy: A Brief History of God’s Unfolding Promise to Mend the Entire Universe.

Films and Community-Wide Events:  During the fall of 2017 we’re were delighted to offer a film discussion series with Mark Lewis, a well-versed lover of film. He has chosen excellent, less well-known, films on the theme of strong women in difficult circumstances.  Everlasting Moments (11/9) is the first in the series.  Earlier in the fall of 2017, as we looked forward to the 500th anniversary of the reformation, we welcomed Professor Jane Carroll for a presentation on Art and the Reformation, Professor Steve Swayne for a talk on Music and the Reformation, and attended a Lutherbrodt workshop at King Arthur Flour.  In September, 2015, we invited Linda Hartke, head of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, to spend a weekend with OSLC and at Dartmouth on the emerging global refugee crisis. Out of this, the Upper Valley Refugee Working Group formed to prepare the ground for refugee support in this area and abroad, now and as we move into the future. OSLC supported and served on the planning group for Dartmouth’s spring 2016 Changing Climate, Changing Minds Symposium. Climate change as an issue common to science, technology, and faith has been a concern at OSLC since we spearheaded the 2007 All Together Now climate conference at Dartmouth.