While all of our in-person children’s ministry is currently suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still active online. Below are some digital resources for your use. We are also equipping parents with faith formation resources in the home. If you aren’t connected with us, reach out to Pastor Kyle, and he would love to support you!

Click here for a playlist of our past children’s sermons!


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With the completion of Our Savior Lutheran Church and Campus Ministry’s renovations and the addition of the education wing in 2003, our ministry with children has a permanent home.

Our well-equipped Nursery is professionally staffed on Sundays. Parents may bring their infant and preschool children to the Nursery during the first part of the worship service and gather them up again to join the community when we receive Holy Communion. The audio of the service is piped into the Nursery, so it is not isolated from the worship the rest of the community is offering.


Kids Club happens Sunday mornings during the academic year, starting at 10:00 am. This is 20-25 minutes of children’s ministry with Pastor Kyle then time for a quick potty break before worship at 10:30 am. Kid’s Club usually includes a theme, bible story, teaching time, interactive video, and singing. There are always lots of laughs and many smiles. Our Kids Club serves all children in the same room, allowing children to learn from one another. While some of our children are regular attenders, Kids Club is certainly open to any child- even if it is your first time here!

At worship children often help the ushers, are involved inOur Savior Lutheran Church-2763 -cropped a particular aspect of the worship. They are invited to come forward for a blessing if they are not yet receiving Holy Communion. We believe that in baptism, God’s promises are given to us in full. Therefore, we welcome children to take holy communion once they are baptized. Periodically, we will provide communion instruction so that we may all learn to trust in the promises made to us in Eucharist.

Confirmation instruction is also available to anyone who would like to learn more about God, Christianity, spirituality, or their faith life. This is especially appropriate for those wishing to be confirmed in the near future. Arrangements may be made in consultation with the pastor.