“Better Nutrition, Better Tomorrow!” Bread for the World Offering of Letters

Our Savior Lutheran Church is a Covenant Church with the Bread for the World (BFW) movement. BFW currently is ecumenical in scope; but was started by a Lutheran Pastor in New York City, in the early 70s. BFW asks us to communicate with our legislators about hunger related issues throughout the year, but each year they focus on one particular issue, for an annual Offering of Letters

Reading the news, it is hard to imagine that progress has been made in reducing global poverty and hunger, but they have literally been cut, nearly in half over the past 30 years. In countries such as Ghana and Honduras, one of the effects of chronic malnutrition, developmental stunting, has been reduced by nearly 1/3rd over the past 10 years!! This has been accomplished by emphasizing good nutrition during the first 1,000 days of a mother’s pregnancy through her child’s second birthday.

But the work is not done, and we don’t want to lose the gains we have made, since worldwide nearly half of all the childhood deaths are linked to malnutrition.

BFW_Better_Nutrition_Better_TomorrowThis year’s Bread for the World’s annual Offering of Letters is titled Better Nutrition, Better Tomorrow!

We know what works, breastfeeding, improved access to nutritious foods, assuring adequate vitamins and minerals, clean water and sanitation.

When a country’s children survive and thrive, so too does the country’s economic outlook, this improved economic development

results in decreased poverty, and hunger; promotes political stability, decreases violence, and the need for migration.

We need to contact our Federal legislators, urging them to increase financial support for the global effort to reduce malnutrition by promoting global child nutrition programs. Personal letters to our legislators have been shown to be effective in getting Congress to act.  Here is a sample letter you can write to your Representative and your Senators. Please bring them to church on Sunday when we will offer them up at the Offertory.

2019 BFW Offering of Letters – Sample Letter

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