Cana Hall Renovations

Background Information

One of our “pending projects” for many years has been the renovation of Cana Hall. This space is used exclusively for the ministry needs of our community. It is an important space in our church building, as it is one of the primary spaces where we offer hospitality to many community groups. Weekly, we serve a community meal from this space in partnership with Hanover Community Kitchen (formally Students Fighting Hunger). Our incredible group of quilters from the community (most not OSLC members) use this space often to make quilts in partnership with Lutheran World Relief. The space often hosts OSHER at Dartmouth, local nonprofit meetings, or other gatherings for our community. We are fortunate to steward this space as an important part of our community presence. And, it is in need of some TLC. Most importantly, the original asbestos floor has started to crumble and needs to be addressed. The space will also be renovated and updated to better fit the needs of our ministry use. At our 2019 Annual Meeting (held on January 26, 2020) the congregation approved the renovation of Cana Hall and the associated expenditures from our designated/restricted Cana Hall Fund, as well as from a $15,000 grant that Pastor Kyle secured from a generous source that prefers to remain anonymous. During this time when our building is closed, we are taking important steps towards our goal to make this space viable for future ministry!

Step One – Prepare the Room

In preparation for asbestos abatement, Cana Hall was emptied of everything that wasn’t bolted down (and some things that were)! Appropriate professionals (electricians and heating/propane professionals) were called in to assure everything was done properly.



Step Two – Remove the Carpet

In order to save on costs, the carpet was removed. It gave us a good fight, but we won in the end!

chr 3

Samantha came. Samantha saw. Samantha conquered!


Step Three – Asbestos Abatement

We have contracted with a certified professional company to do the asbestos abatement for us. This is a very secure and sterile process that includes lots of special equipment and set-up. This step was completed on May 13, 2020.

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Step Four – Install a New Floor

Once all the old asbestos tile and mastic is gone, we can install a new flooring surface. Many, many, many hours of research went into our new flooring options, and we feel confident that we have found a great product for the floor that will be durable, safe, waterproof, and serve our needs well into the future. Check out our new floor! Installation was finished on May 21, 2020.


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Step 5 – Everything Else!

We know there is much more to do after the floor. Drywall, painting, technology, etc. Stay tuned for more details!

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